The International Jewish Cannabis Association

The MISSION of the International Jewish Cannabis Association is Threefold:


1. Limmud (LEARNING)

We educate the Jewish community on the benefits of cannabis. 


2. Achdut (UNITY)

We provide a platform for Jewish cannabis industry professionals and enthusiasts to build community. 


3. Tzedakah (CHARITY)

We are the Not For Profit infrastructure for Jewish cannabis continuity, sustainability, philanthropy and volunteerism worldwide. 


Tikun Olam / Outreach Projects

Upcoming projects:

South Florida Community Educational Tour 2018/2019

New York Community Educational     Tour 2018/2019



Our local events are run by members who elect to take action to educate others within their community.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to assure that cannabis history is remembered, and connected to the Jewish idea of Tikun Olam (elevating the world to its supreme form).  

"If we will not define our presence, who will?" - Ben Temer, IJCA Founder


There are many Jewish scientists, advocates, and dreamers, without whom the cannabis landscape may look different today:


It is our history and we have to remember the legacy of Jack Herer.


It is our goal to educate people about Israeli discoveries in this sector so that people realize that its time to lobby for a Nobel Prize for Raphael Mechoulam.


Because it is our duty to be a conduit between the Jewish community and the cannabis industry.

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We all have a story of our connection to Judaism and/or cannabis.

The IJCA is where that story becomes legend!