Do you sell cannabis?

NO. The International Jewish Cannabis Association does not sell cannabis.

Do you grow cannabis?

The International Jewish Cannabis Association does not grow cannabis.

How can I start a chapter?

Please fill out the form in the contact us page of our web site. Include your contact information so that we may reach out to you to provide more details.

Where and when do your events take place?

Our events are held as needed to provide the most benefit to each individual chapter. The event calendars differ from chapter to chapter so please make sure that you are viewing the correct location.

How do chapters operate?

All chapter abide by the same rules and guideline set forth by the national board of directors. If you would like a copy of our chapter rules and policies, please contact us at info@theijca.org

Is there food available at your events?

Yes, there is only Kosher food available at our events. Each event is catered differently and may range from a light snack to a catered meal. Please check every events’ details carefully.

Is consumption allowed at your events?

Every event is held in accordance with local and state laws. Please check each events’ details to know exactly what to expect. If consumption is allowed at an event, there will be a separate area assigned for smoking.

How do I make an IJCA event in my congregation?

Please fill out the contact us form with information about your community and how we can help. We will contact you to discuss topics and schedule an event.

Does the IJCA endorse companies, politicians or products?

The IJCA does not endorse companies, politicians or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.